Dear Friends,

My childhood in the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Istanbul, where each neighbourhood tells a story, encouraged me to explore new horizons, tastes, traditions, ideas and people.

My curiosity and love of adventure developed whilst living in New York, a wonderful base to travel the world from. Once I caught the travel bug, there was no going back!

The intimate process of discovering people’s traditions and experiences, and how they influence my perspective on the world, inspires me to hop on a plane to my next destination…

Whilst sharing memories from my journeys with loved ones, I thought of creating 74Escape – an online travel diary of personal accounts of inspiring and original places by travellers passionate about experiencing a culture such as summers in Marrakesh, frantic kitchens in Jamaica, winter nights in Paris, or a music festival on Mount Takenoko…

We are a community of travellers, sharing stories and unique moments found beyond our horizons. Join Us!

Bon Voyage

Demet Muftuoglu Eseli