An Escape to LA

Traveler: Funda Christophersen – Co-Founder & Style Director

What is your most unforgettable escape? In 2012 I was lucky to get the opportunity to live three months in Paris and later the same year three months in New York. Paris has been a favorite escape for most of my life, but last year I went to Los Angeles for the first time and I must admit that this city is my most favorite and unforgettable escape so far – so much, that I revisited it this spring.

What was the purpose of your travel? The purpose of the travel was first of all to relax and experience something new.

With how many people did you travel? We were just two people – me and my boyfriend.

Where did you stay? Los Angeles is very big, so finding a good hotel in the right area is crucial in order to have a good stay. Last time we stayed at The Standard Hotel located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The hotel is designed with a 60’s spirit in mind – from the traditional diner, to the blue astroturf pool deck, the employee uniforms, a cactus lounge and the rooms in itself. If you have a long journey from your original destination like we did (12h flight from Copenhagen), you will most likely spend the first couple of days being quite jet lagged, which means that early dinners at the room can be tempting when you’ve had a long day on the go. The roomservice at The Standard is phenomenal and is open 24/7. If you choose to stay here it can definitely pay off to choose a room with a poolside view as it includes a small balcony facing iconic LA views – great for both sunsets and sunrises.The last two days was spend in Palm Springs, where we lived at The Ace Hotel Swim Club.

What did you most like about the trip? The best thing about LA is to drive around in a convertible Ford Mustang surrounded by beautiful palm trees and blue skies.

Could you share an unforgettable memory about the trip? On our last day we had a late flight home and decided to go to the National Park, Joshua Tree, which is about an hour’s drive away from Palm Springs. The surroundings are beyond amazing containing endless miles of dessert, big rocks and cactuses. You automatically buy a 7-day pass and you are even allowed to camp if you want to stay overnight. Unfortunately we had to catch the flight from LAX in the evening, so we only had time to drive around for about an hour. If you go to LA don’t miss out on this fantastic experience and reserve at least one day to explore it.

Favorite restaurants or food you have tried during your trip? LA has a lot of great restaurants to offer. I would definitely recommend to book a table on a Friday or Saturday night at the legendary Chateau Marmont (also located on Sunset Boulevard). The food is good and the atmosphere is nothing like you’d seen it before, being a hotspot for A-list celebreties. If you are into Mexican food, Gracias Madre on Melrose Avenue offers great food both for lunch and dinner. If you are up for a quick bite during the day, Joan’s on Third, located on West 3rd Street offers some really delicious homemade food and has a very efficient in-out concept. If you find yourself in Malibu, a trip along the Pacific Coast Highway is much recommended with a pitstop at the modern Japanese restaurant Nobu. If not for dinner, enjoy a drink at the patio which is beautifully located with a direct ocean view, before heading back to the city.

Would you go back? Definitely yes, but it is important to make an effort not to do the same things. After our first trip to LA, we were completely blown away, so we made sure to only try new things on our second trip not to repeat the first one. It was a great trip, but didn’t beat the wow-factor of the first one.

Any tips that might be useful to know before going there? Rent a car (preferably a convertible), stay in two different hotels in different areas as LA is so big and has so much to offer and eat good food.
Next stop you would like to visit? After our trip to LA I really want to explore more of the USA – I think it would be really interesting to do a roadtrip on the east coast, visiting places such as Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Fransisco, etc. However, my next planned vacations includes a 5-day getaway to Paris in April and hopefully a week in southern France during the summer.