Basak Erdemir

Basak Erdemir | Founder of Floripa Artworks

Basak Erdemir is the founder of Floripa Artworks where she hopes to manifest a brand-new paradigm where kindness and peace have determinative values. Taking inspiration from rythm of colors, spirit of nature and diversity of women Erdemir likes to work on any surface she come across from ceramics to fabric, silk to paper, beach stones to walls she come across at the narrowest streets of cities with history.

She has lived in San Juan and Vienna, now based in istanbul but can’t stay far too long from the Mediterranean coast – with a special interest on the tiniest islands of the Cyclades and the South of Italy. 

She believes the cultures&cuisines she has met and the languages she speaks (Turkish, Spanish, German and English) have great influence on her and shape her art. Also, she loves cooking!