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Black Mamba

Alp Ateş is the founder of Blackmamba, an Eskisehir based ceramic studio dedicated to creating wheel-thrown and hand-shaped ceramic objects with minimal forms and organic textures for your everyday life. When Alp studied at Dumlupınar University, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic & Glass, he specifically worked with glaze techniques and focused on crystal glaze in addition to several different techniques. After graduation, he worked on decor design and artistic applications at Eskişehir City Theater.

In 2018, he established Blackmamba and focused on wheel-thrown ceramics. Alp started to improve his turning skills by following and studying the techniques of wheel-thrown ceramic masters. This time, he dedicated himself to not glazing techniques but forms and textures. In his works mostly created from stoneware and porcelain clay, he emphasizes minimal forms, meticulously applied techniques, and textures. His vase designs are usually single flower vases that rise straight and tapers towards the rim with slight and wide turns. While Alp has been continuing his work mainly on vases recently, he also produces different ceramic objects with the same approach under the name of the Blackmamba.