Breaking the Daily Routine with Basak Erdemir

Traveler: Basak Erdemir – Founder of Floripa Artworks

Why do you travel?

I travel to break my daily routine and to replenish my depleted vitality reservoirs that city life consumes. When you go far you gain perspective and find answers.

What are some of your most unforgettable escapes that have inspired the identity and story of your brand?

Florianopolis (also called floripa)/Brasil, Cyclades islands, Syracuse/Sicily and Toscana.

Where do you search for inspiration?

Nature: Pink sunsets, the twittering of birds, sea salt that burns my eyes, sun, downpours and the smell of earth give me so much inspiration.

How does travel shape the development of new collections and new pieces?

I love to discover other artists all over the world and I search for them to meet when I go somewhere new. To meet with them, sense their energy and exchange thoughts and emotions helps me to acquire new perspectives and find new ideas in myself. And discovering new places always creates new connections in my mind and soul. New discoveries provide raw notional material to work on. The simplest example; a type of fish I saw in Paros gave me an idea for my logo.

What are your favorite escapes at home, unique hidden gems in Turkey that everyone might not know about?

Imroz/Gökçeada. Everybody knows the name of this island but I think not so many people know that there are lots of precious people and their stories are hidden there to be discovered…

And some silent, green parks in my neighbourhood in Istanbul. I visit them daily.

How is your brand tied to our culture, geography, heritage and history?

The heritage of the land I live on used to be much more diverse, colorful and polyphonic. After this land lost some of its natives and lost its courage to be diverse; it has become greyer and angrier. There are holes now in our society that makes it impossible to build a structure of blessings and happiness on. With the colors I use and the diversity I praise I try to patch these holes as much as I can –  I know it is an impossible mission but trying is dreaming. And I try to endorse the people that can relate to my art to give a hand to this Sisyphosic mission to mend our wounds.

Share with us some of your favourite summer stays here in Turkey.

Bodrum, Imroz, Fethiye.

Aegean Sea is my favourite.

Favorite restaurants?

O Magazine/Portofino, Miyabi/İstanbul, Aegean/Kalymnos and almost every fisherman tavernas on very silent bays on Greek islands.

Favorite local finds from local brands, artisans and craftsmen?

Ceramicist Gezin Kurtaran, slow fashion brand onesquaremeter, glass artist Ece Yuksekkaya, illustrator Umut Karaman.

Ideal travel partners?

Those who prefer nature and silence, and clean a comfortable sleep zone for vacation. And those who love to try different foods as much as I do.

Can you share with us an unforgettable memory from a Mediterranean escape.

This summer we were snorkeling in Fethiye and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a huge school of sardines. For minutes, in silence we swam with them. It was an amazing, unforgettable memory for me.

Where are you dreaming of escaping to next?

This summer I really missed the Greek islands so much. So my first escape would be somewhere among the Cycladic islands, a small one I guess. The second route would be Toscana. And the third one would be Portofino.

What does traveling mean to you?

Experiencing a life of other cultures, geographies and possibilities.

Discovering other beauties of the Earth.

Traveling makes my earth-journey more breathable.