“Ceramic Works” THE SECOND EDITION Now on view.

We are so pleased to bring you the second edition of ‘Ceramic Works’ this summer, bringing together an eclectic and joyful selection of handcrafted ceramic pieces by an exciting group of talent.

Including artists both established and emerging, local and international, this year’s selection will be on show at the ‘74Escape STORE & GALLERY at Maçakızı Hotel in Bodrum.

Teppei Yamashita, Dalya Anter Baruh, Pınar Baklan, Metin Ertürk, Beril Nur Denli, Alp Ateş (Black Mamba), Defne Samman, Tülin Bozüyük, Zeynep Severge, Gülsüm Üzel, Ayşe Tanman, Hüseyin Artık, Hande Sönmez and more!

Stay tuned!