Meet The Chefs! An Interview with Müge Ergül Karaca

  • What is your favorite food that makes you feel good?

This question is hard for me because I can’t separate it as my favorite food. I am a person who really likes to eat, I prefer more juicy, meaty and root vegetable soup-style dishes in winter, and I prefer lighter meals in the summer.

  • What does it mean to you to be a woman working in the field of gastronomy?

The question of being a woman working in the field of gastronomy is actually a question that I do not like very much. This kind of approach seems a bit sexist, but the only answer I can give to this is that the detailed attitudes of women in every profession are seen in this profession as well, and it is very good. When I see the works that come out, I love the women’s detail.

  • What is your favorite destination to visit? Why?

I love to go to Assos in Turkey, I go to Assos and to its surroundings every year, and rest a bit. It is good for me, a little far from the crowds and generally a comfortable environment, sea, sun, good food is good for me. When abroad, I love going to Greece and Italy, and I find their food culture very close to my own style.