Escapes, inspirations and more with Buket Dogru

1What was your latest or most special escape?

My last trip was to London before this summer and it was a really fascinating place. As someone who enjoys the food culture a lot on my travels, I got connected to London almost immediately. I can’t wait to go again. But if you ask about the most special trips for me, I’d definitely say the 1-month road trips to Andalusia and Sicily!

2. What was the purpose of your travels?

The biggest goal of my trips is to add new visions to my photography. I’m the kind traveling for photography, and taking photos to travel. The two are factors that feed each other. Another reason is my curiosity about local and traditional dishes. 

3. Who did you travel with?

I’ve traveled with my husband so far. The fact that he respects and recognizes my passion gives me a comfortable space. Which of us wouldn’t want to be comfortable on our travels? I am also interested in solo trips. Since I am a photographer, I think it will open new doors for me and provide a different motivation, and I want to make a solo trip in the near future. 

4. What places did you visit during this escape?

We divided our trip to London into two: historical places, and eating and drinking. I had already booked about five restaurants before I went on the trip. Also, one of the things I like the most is walking around the streets for hours and getting lost. Then the most important thing I can say about the trip was the quiet times we spent in the parks.

5. What is an anecdote or unforgettable memory from this trip?

I think the anecdote that caught my attention the most about London was that people did not postpone the time and pleasant moments they had set aside for themselves, no matter what.

6. Favorite restaurant(s) or culinary experiences?

So many that I don’t know which one to count. I’ve discovered great places in just two weeks, and there are still thousands of great places out there that I’m waiting to go to.
I am thinking of preparing a few guides about eating and drinking and travel suggestions related to the trips I made which I’d share. But I want to tell you a few restaurants & bakery suggestions that I would definitely recommend you not to miss in London; The Colony Grill Room, 28 Church Row, Bocco di Lupo, St John Bakery, Duck Soup, e5 Bakehouse and Trullo. All of them are amazing.

7. Any hidden gems you could whisper to us?

In fact, most of the places I mentioned are local suggestions and hidden treasures for me. Because you don’t see these kind of places in tourist lists. And I definitely don’t like suggestions on tourist trips either, it’s never suitable for me. When I ask for recommendations from my acquaintances living in the city, I know I will get purely local recommendations. There are a lot of special places between the streets, in hidden corners. 

8. What not to miss?

After a pleasant restaurant or bakery that you have discovered, or after a trip to a museum that leaves a feeling of sweet fatigue, remember going to a quiet park and lie on the ground. Because it is really relaxing after an exhausting day. Especially as someone who misses them where I live, I realized how good it was for me.

9. What’s one of your favorite travel films or books?

Books; Travels with Charley: In Search of America written by John Steinbeck. The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer. Movies; Out of Africa, Before Sunset & Sunrise, Lost in Translation, The Beach, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Seven years in Tibet, Thelma & Louise, Lion, Roman Holiday. 

10. And your favorite travel soundtrack?

Into to Wild’s soundtrack is definitely one of the best soundtracks I’ve listened to so far. Eddie Vedder is a great musician. 

11. What does escape mean to you?

I think people use the word “escape” more in our time to get away from problems. These people see their travels as a trip to escape from their problems. In fact, escape is a method of searching for a different answer to our questions or problems wherever we go with all our emotions and moods. For me, the escape is to love all the feelings I have and try to improve myself in the places where I go with them. If we take care of our fears or problems in this way, everything can get over much easier and all escapes can turn into the best moments of our lives.

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