Escapes, inspirations and more with My Summer Blue

1.Tell us briefly about the identity and philosophy of your brand? How is it inspired and influenced by the cornerstones of the store this summer, craft, culture & creativity?  

MYSUMMERBLUE is a resort wear brand made from quality materials for women to look and feel good. We are inspired from the beauty of nature that provides us its beautiful colors uncountedly and our collections are based on these colors such as blue from a fabulous sky or turquoise from our precious Aegean & Mediterranean waters, green from mother nature. 

And our brand wants to emphasize on the beauty of every woman that sparkles with her own unique light and that “ lives with her own color” just like the colors of the nature we are fully inspired. 

We believe in women power and beauty. As Coco Chanel well put; “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” This is the main reason we named our recent collection as “Live your color.” 

Women are millions of diverse faces but also millions of diverse spirits. This is very inspiring because we are all unique and we should embrace our true beauty no matter what the society says. When we live a life aligned with our truth, we gain a new perspective and we thrive from our authenticity.

Each of these unique spirits are represented as colors and they are splashed across the collection, which features summer dresses, resort wears, and t-shirts, all made here in Turkey. Each piece was designed to help women to be comfortable in their own skin. It’s about the beauty and the spirit of women that we want to empower. 

Our purpose is to empower MYSUMMERBLUE women to find the time to live a great summer instead of wasting that time on what to wear by presenting a collection of timeless pieces that will make them look elegant, chic and comfortable. Time is very precious and we should live every moment of it by being true and kind to ourselves.

2.How is it tied to travel? 

Travelling enriches our sight, our taste, our inspirations, our philosophy of life, our bond with other people and what we take from our travels as a gift  , we give it back to our collections. I am happy to say that the more I reflect myself in my brand, the more I am myself. 

More than anything MYSUMMERBLUE comes from the energy of getting lost in new places, finding new colors, smells in the bazaars, and the most importantly meeting with new people, and their stories. Our brand is organically fed by the little joys of being a live no matter where we live or travel. 

3.For what reasons do you travel? What does traveling mean to you?

Traveling is one of the best ways to run away from a daily routine and look at your life from the perspective. Things I may dislike may quickly become things that I miss. I also notice the good things in my life that I should be grateful for. 

I believe that it is important to build your lifestyle around things that help to maintain your soul’s health. Traveling revives my passions, which helps me find a new meaning in my life to live for. It is healthy for my soul to be creative and passionate about things that make me happy.

Whether you like it or not, every journey changes you in a way. In the early years I started travelling, it was more to see the world, to get to know different cultures, to enjoy my time. After experiencing so much, you are becoming more conscious, you see the world in a bit different light.  As I aged, it started making me feel more united with the world, having brothers and sisters all around with same pains and happiness’s, no borders between us, no more nationalities and we are the ONE!

4.What are some of your most unforgettable escapes that have shaped and inspired the identity of your brand? 

There are four seasons in a year, and they’re all awesome, but only one of them gets to be summer! This is something I realized during my trip to Thailand and Bali.

It was right after my Thailand & Bali trip in 2016, I experienced a long summer feeling in winter and spring, in good vibes and mood, then I decided to start a resort wear brand to have continuously summer in my mind. 

I believe, we all live and work, dreaming the blue summer days and we never truly want them to end! That’s why our brand is focused on summer wear helping women to get dressed and feel beautiful easily to get the most out of short summer days. 

5.Where do you search for inspiration?  

I believe what matters is not what you look at but it’s what you see.

The key is to be able to look at an everyday object in a new light and use it as a springboard for inspiration. This happens me the most when I start planning for a new collection; my sister once caught me gazing for a long time at a hand woven basket and one of my designs come out of that long gaze! I find inspiration in little things, everyday objects. Sometimes it is art, photography, traveling, books, biographies, and mostly people around me inspire me a lot. 

And another my favorite Coco Chanel saying; “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses, fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.“

6.What’s one piece from your own collection that you always bring on travels? Our hand made, unique, tie & dyed 

Misty dress is my all time favorite. It is sure one of a kind look just like me!

7.What about a piece that’s perfect for a holiday on the Turkish riviera? 

A nice, cotton-shirt dress. It is casual and comfortable but also when I accessorize it with certain jewelry and shoes, it can also be instantly very chic.

8.What are some of your favorite escapes here at home, hidden gems in Turkey? 

Our country, Turkey is truly beautiful with all its corners. 

Filled with stunning natural beauty and an array of well preserved architecture, I truly believe that Turkey is one of the most extraordinary countries to visit. 

Kaş had been my one and only favourite place for so long, however having my summerhouse in Bodrum and discovering it more, lately it is Bodrum for me. Urla, Kazdağları are my other escapes as well.

9.Share with us one of your favorite travel memories or anecdotes.. 

Blue tour with my family in 2016 and another one with my close friends to the Dodecanese islands near Bodrum last year were unforgettable for me. 

10.Favorite travel film or book?  

Eat pray love ☺

11.Where are you dreaming of escaping to next?  

Due to pandemic, I won’t be travelling abroad for a while for sure and I will be happy to explore more in Turkey. Seems next destination will be Datça for me.

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