Gökhan Eşeli

Gökhan Eşeli | Businessman & Ex-Diplomat

Gökhan Eşeli is a businessman and ex-diplomat. After receiving his postgraduate degree at City University of New York, Eşeli worked atARCO International Oil and Gas Co. in Dallas, Texas and then started his career as a diplomat at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994. He was responsible for the Department of Iran and Iraq. He was posted to Havana, Cuba in 1996 as Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy. In the end of 1998 he was transferred as Second Secretary and Consul to the Turkish Embassy in Madrid, Spain where he was also responsible for political and security affairs. After his diplomatic career, Gökhan Eşeli founded his company MOMENTUM Producciones in Madrid/Spain. His company currently based in Istanbul is mainly producing TV programs including successful prime-time hits. MOMENTUM Produccions is the leading Turkish company to also serve in the Middle East expanding into media buying and planning.