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Meet the Designers! Episode #3: Bey & Lokal Hareket by Nil Ertürk

In the third episode of ‘Meet the designers!’ hosted by Öykü Baştaş, we meet the co-founder of menswear store Bey, Nil Ertürk. 

Bey is a men’s fashion store located in Karaköy with a soft spot for local designers. The store is an oasis of understatement and laidback style.

Nil started her own fashion blog in 2009 and quickly featured in international fashion magazines like Italian Vogue and Spanish Elle. During her career she worked in different fields in fashion business as a stylist, fashion buyer and online shop manager. 

Concurrently Nil Ertürk works as a digital branding and style consultant for numerous brands under her own company. In 2015 she opened a menswear shop called Bey partnering with her husband and brother. In 2016 she founded her own womenswear label Frea, and in 2020 Nil also started a movement called Lokal Hareket which brings together the pieces of local designers. 

And don’t forget you can find their new summer pieces at the 74Escape GALLERY & STORE in Bodrum now!