Naz Sirmen

Naz Sirmen | Designer 

Naz Sirmen is a visual artist as well as the Founder & Designer of statement earring brand JAAGRAVII.

JAAGRAVII offers handcrafted collections and limited pairs, with the motto “Minimalism Goes Bold.” The inspiration for Jaagravii is born out of a deep love and rooted interest in the art world and infinite universe.

Naz also creates mixed media art, from oil painting on plexiglass to paper cut outs of her sketches.

“The diversity and voice of my work expands with everything that the universe has to offer me. Each one of my pieces carry their own personality as well as unite one another. The circles I draw within my work or earring designs represent the offerings of the universe; its endless ability to create opportunities as well as teach us what life is really about. I believe that without breaking free from one cycle we cannot move on to the next one.”