Revelations of Reschio An Enchanted Escape to Umbria

1. What was your latest or most special escape, and what made it memorable?

My recent stay at Hotel Castello di Reschio in Umbria, Italy felt fresh and captivating, despite it being my second visit. You know when you watch a movie for the second and third time and your eyes catch new particulars you missed at first sight? 

The beautiful renovation of the old castle and farmhouses, the high-end aesthetic and interior design, the farm-to-table dining, and the commitment to sustainability likely made your escape memorable.

2. What was the purpose behind your recent travels, and what did you hope to gain from the experience?

A gateway in the Umbrian hills first. But also experience the unique charm of the renovated castle and farmhouses, appreciate the high-end aesthetic and interior design, savor the farm-to-table cuisine, and gain a deeper understanding of the hotel’s commitment to sustainability.

3. Who accompanied you on your journey?

My life-partner Cian, my favorite person to travel with. We love exploring new places together.

4. During your recent escape, which places did you visit that left a lasting impression on you, and why?

As a way to keep ourselves in shape and burn off all the calories, we did lots of hiking. My favorite hike was on a path that led us to a secluded lake within the property. We found out that Reschio owns a gorgeous cabin and we served a memorable picnic right on the dock.

5. Were there any particular restaurants or culinary experiences during your travels that stood out as your favorites, and what made them special?

One unexpected culinary experience offered by the hotel was a “Foraging Walk” and cooking class. Led by experienced guides, we ventured into the surrounding countryside, exploring meadows, forests, and fields to gather wild herbs, mushrooms, and other seasonal ingredients. The experience of foraging was not only educational but also deeply connected us to the land and its offerings. Later, under the guidance of talented chefs, we transformed our gathered treasures into a delightful feast, experiencing the satisfaction of cooking with the freshest ingredients and savoring the flavors of our own creations. This immersive culinary journey truly highlighted the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, local sourcing, and the celebration of Umbria’s rich natural resources.

6. If you were to share a secret hidden gem you discovered during your escape, what would it be, and why do you recommend it?

Definitely, Reschio’s spa: The Bathhouse. Located in what was once the wine cellar, it has been transformed into a haven of relaxation and healing. The ancient stone walls retain a steady temperature, creating a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. The sensory experience is heightened with flickering candles, soulful music, and the comforting warmth of an open fire.

The spa offers a range of unique and rejuvenating rituals. One delightful experience is bathing in a tub filled with foraged flowers, such as wild camomile, combined with ingredients like honey, to create a blissful and fragrant soak. Including St. John’s Wort collected from the meadows on each summer solstice which help release tension using natural infusions.

7. Based on your experience, what are some must-see or must-do activities or attractions that fellow travelers should not miss during their own escapes?

You cannot miss the medieval hill-top towns of Assisi, Arezzo, Cortona, Gubbio, Perugia, and Siena. Each offers architectural wonders and rich history as well as amazing programming of events such as open-air concerts, opera, and seasonal festivals. Indulge in the region’s gastronomic delights, visit and wine-taste Sangiovese wineries. 

8. What was your favorite travel soundtrack or playlist that accompanied you on your journey, and why did it resonate with your travel experience?

Cian made a playlist of Italian classic songs for driving up and down the hills and around these old villages.  

9. When you think of escape, what does it truly mean to you, and how does it impact your overall well-being and perspective on life?

I travel mostly for work, so when it comes to traveling for leisure; I want this to be an escape from the regular life, being in the present moment, forgoing routines. I recharge my creative batteries this way. I just carry a tiny notebook to write down any idea/to do tasks that come to mind.

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