Ten Years of ’74

Dear Friends,

Ten years ago, ’74 was just an idea, conceived as a platform dedicated to all forms of creative expression and cultural exchange. 

Our journey began with IST. FESTIVAL. Starting our own version of an annual arts and culture event in Istanbul – seemed like an impossible dream. What did we know about putting together a festival? How would we make it attractive internationally on a global scale? More importantly, who would come?

We were only a handful of like-minded people working together to fulfill the dream. Overtime became a constant part of our daily exercise at the office. There were endless meetings. Phones didn’t stop, not to mention the e-mail traffic. Suddenly, “confirmed” seemed like the most beautiful word in existence. And then it happened. Some of the most prominent names in art, fashion, music, film, photography, design, architecture, and literature showed up.

Minds were open, hearts were passionate. 

The spirit of our first day continues to inspire us. We are still a group of people with the same dream, only with a lot more experience, a loyal following, and amazing supporters who share our passion. We are so thankful to everyone for being part of the ‘74Community, for helping us grow and for being with us.

Presenting a trip down memory lane, a voyage through Ten Years of ‘74, we invite you to watch the mini-documentary, below!

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be taking you on a journey through this past decade, through messages, mementos, and short videos from our community. Tune in to our Instagram account to follow along: @ISTANBUL74_

It has been quite an inspiring ride.

To an exciting future and more…

Sending love from all of us at ‘74,

Demet Müftüoğlu-Eşeli & Alphan Eşeli