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Zeynep Boyan

Zeynep Boyan is a self-taught artist and designer based in Montréal working with clay as her primary material. 

The foundation of her creative practice is an exploration and reflection of her visual memory – a culmination of spaces, nature, expressions of self, and past influences. 

She explores the transmission between visual memory and medium by concentrating on natural materials and using classical techniques from a contemporary perspective. She is largely inspired by organic forms found in nature reflecting femininity, masculinity, fluidity and everything in between. Aspiring to work with a material that she can disrupt in volume, shape and body, clay allows her to engage in this process with its fluid & plastic characteristics.

Seeking to create something close to earth and nature, she focuses on creating biomorphic plasticity of form in her work by using balance, tension, negative space and movement as the main elements. Each one-of-a-kind piece is built and textured by hand, encompassing pinch, coil and slab methods and is high-fired in stoneware clay.