Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar

Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar | Creative Director

Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar; Creator of Mehry Mu handbags was born in Istanbul and after attending Robert College American High School, went on to study Psychology at Franklin and Marshall College, PA, USA. Mehry Mu handbags was born during this time when Güneş looked for high quality design bags to sell on the website. She went on to create a capsule collection of handbags that incorporated her love of oriental aesthetics. So came about the creations of totes, clutches, crossbodies and backpacks all with a mystic and eye-catching quality.

Mehry Mu is now one of the biggest handbag brands in Turkey, with a local and global cult following. Apart from expanding Mehry Mu, Güneş constantly tries to build a life for herself with family and a few valuable friends. Planning her travels is pretty much all she looks forward to at the end of a hard day at work or home.