Meet the Designers

Meet The Designers!


Born out of a passion to discover new places, new cultures and new styles through traveling, ’74ESCAPE STORE & GALLERY is a curated space for rare finds, limited-edition pieces and bespoke designs, highlighting local artisans and original craftsmanship from different parts of the world.

The ever-changing store and every collection embody the heart and soul of each new location, and celebrate the spirit of treasured finds that are collected along memorable journeys.

This summer, emerging from unprecedented times with a stronger sense of unity and solidarity, ’74ESCAPE STORE & GALLERY celebrates and champions our wonderful homegrown talent, bringing together artists, artisans and designers of Turkey.

Presenting a journey into our culture, ’’74ESCAPE STORE & GALLERY will open at Maçakızı Hotel in Bodrum in July 2020. A trove of exquisitely crafted contemporary works and products inspired by the Mediterranean way of life, the selection will feature a delightful curation of fashions, accessories and keepsakes that celebrate the sunlight and the sea, and salty memories of joyful escapes.

Join us in Bodrum!