Meet The Designers

Meet The Designers! Episode #12: Rumisu

In the twelfth episode of ‘Meet the Designers!’ hosted by Yonca Ebüzziya we meet the designers of Rumisu, Deniz Yeğin İkiışık and Pınar Yeğin.

With their label Rumi Su, the sisters use whimsical illustrations to turn a traditional accessory into a form of expression for modern women.

Both sisters studied and lived in the United States for more than a decade prior. Pinar studied economics at Harvard and finance at Wharton, while Deniz studied fashion and design in New York, and designed women’s apparel for several brands. Their love for illustration and design prompted them to return to Istanbul and start Rumi Su in 2011. Every single scarf they create has its own story, characters, inspiration and colour mood, with a big dash of whimsy and humour thrown in.

Tune in to hear about the duos inspirations, their travels and the story of the brand. And don’t forget you can find their new summer pieces at the 74Escape GALLERY & STORE in Bodrum now!