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Meet The Designers! Episode #9: Serena Uziyel

In the ninth episode of ‘Meet the designers!’ hosted by Aytül Ayke Fıratoğlu we meet the founder and designer of Serena Uziyel.

Designer Serena Uziyel’s immense admiration for tradition, art and craftsmanship combined with her innate attention to detail informed the launch of her eponymous collection in 2019. Born out of a desire to revive and infuse ancient craftsman techniques with elements of modernity, the Serena Uziyel accessories collection exudes an artful sophistication that is intended to be treasured for generations.

Inspired by her rich family history and origin, Serena’s vision is sculpted by both her heritage and her exploration of different cultures and forms of artistry around the world. “I want to be a strong female voice in the space of accessory design. I’m incredibly hands-on in the design and production process, and my hope is for the high level of craftsmanship to shine through, while maintaining a feminine sophistication in my collections.”

Tune in to hear about Serena’s inspirations, her travels and the story of her eponymous brand. And don’t forget you can find their new summer pieces at the 74Escape GALLERY & STORE in Bodrum now!