Meet The Chefs! An Interview with Pınar Taşdemir

  • What is your favorite food that makes you feel good?

I love anything that comes out of the sea. If there is also citrus flavors and good olive oil, seafood makes me very happy.

  • What does it mean to you to be a woman working in the field of gastronomy?

I think there is no man or woman in this business. I think it has the same difficulties and joys for both men and women. Cooking is my hobby and I consider myself lucky to be able to make it my job.

  • What is your favorite destination to visit? Why?

Especially if I need to rest and listen to myself, being in the Greek Islands is always good for me. I am the child of an immigrant family, it may be due to my genetic affinity, I feel peaceful and exactly where I need to be.