’74Ceramics on show at Aman da Bravo

In Summer 2020, ’74ESCAPE opened its doors with the theme “A Journey into Our Culture” and continues to celebrate ceramic artists and the art of ceramics. The new selection consisting of unique works by 11 artists are on show in Aman Da Bravo’s magical atmosphere for the first time in Istanbul starting September 29th. 

“Our journey that started with ’74ESCAPE in Bodrum continues in Istanbul by getting to know new local and international artists and discovering new interpretations. Just like culinary arts, the art of ceramic carries valuable information on culture and it excites me more every day.” 

-Demet Müftüoğlu Eşeli 

The multifaceted art of ceramic is one of the oldest artistic traditions and it has been incorporated to our daily lives since the beginning of time. From religious elements to architecture, from decorative objects to kitchen tools, it is prevalent in many spheres of life. The art of ceramic carries clues regarding every era, culture and community as it has been accompanying humanity as we evolve. Closely linked with culinary arts, ceramic takes on a new meaning with modern interpretations as we go through certain changes as a society.  

Consisting of works by 11 renowned ceramic artists, the ‘74Ceramics selection will be on show at Aman Da Bravo’s magical atmosphere, starting September 29th.  

Expertly crafted pieces by leading artists Alp Ateş, Beril Nur Denli, Dalya Anter Baruh, Defne Samman, Léa Bigot, Mehmet Eren Eskikan, Metin Ertürk, Pınar Baklan, Teppei Yamashita, Ümit Can Gören, and Zeynep Boyan are now on show. 

Also, available at shop.istanbul74.com