Meet The Chefs! An Interview with Seray Öztürk

  • What is your favorite food that makes you feel good?

In our house, we cook a lot of herbs. I am from Izmir and my roots base upon Crete. Therefore, the food that makes me feel the best are any kind of herb roasts, yoghurt and olive oil on top.

  • What does it mean to you to be a woman working in the field of gastronomy?

It actually represents power. Because when you are a woman in the field of gastronomy, many issues, -especially if you are as old as me, as I am in my 21st year this year- are not so easy. Since everyone got used to it, it is a little easier now. However, it totally expresses the power of women and getting somewhere by scratching out.

  • What is your favorite destination to visit? Why?

We have not been able to do anything for the last two years, but I love traveling and driving in Turkey. I have seen almost every part of my country, there are a few places I have not seen, and I am aiming to travel there. Specifically, Southeast Anatolia because its roots go back to ancient times, ancient civilizations passed there, and it acquires a deep-rooted, ethnic cuisine.