Meet The Chefs! An Interview with Sara Tabrizi

  • What is your favorite food that makes you feel good?

Actually, I want to say two dishes. One is “eggplant moussaka, rice” made by my mother, and the other is “Khoresh Gheymeh with various Persian rice”, an Iranian dish made by my aunt in my childhood, a dish that takes me back to my childhood when I eat.

  • What does it mean to you to be a woman working in the field of gastronomy?

Especially during this period, these and similar questions are directed a lot. In fact, there are very difficult processes as a woman in this sector, but I always approach for myself like this: My mother is the most incredibly strong woman I have ever known, and because she raised me, I have always acted and lived in life thinking this is the normal. All I can say for myself is that when you stand strong and sure, you focus on being successful and happy, not being a woman or a man. In this respect, I see myself as one of the very lucky people who can do the job they love.

  • What is your favorite destination to visit? Why?

Alaf and Alaf 2 are two of my only favorite places to visit. Because I find Tuba Yazıcı Temel and Murat Deniz Temel sincere, creative, delicious and attentive.