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Meet the Designers! Episode #5: Gul Agis of Lug Von Siga

In the fifth episode of ‘Meet the designers!’ hosted by Konca Aykan, we meet the founder and designer of LUG VON SIGA, Gul Agis.

Founded in 2010, Lug Von Siga, the acronym of its designer Gul Agis’ name, is a contemporary brand from Istanbul. Respectful of its rich cultural heritage, yet with its doors wide open to the world, Lug Von Siga is the result of a dream and strong determination.

Lug Von Siga strives to be a timeless brand by proposing versatile and elegant pieces, and essentials are interpreted through comfortable yet feminine forms.

Agis always links her collections to different stories and there is always a mix of sportswear inspired, casual and elegant pieces enriched with decorations or prints.

Tune in to hear about Gul’s inspirations, her travels and the story of LUG VON SIGA! And don’t forget you can find their new summer pieces at the 74Escape GALLERY & STORE in Bodrum now!