The Cyclades Islands, Greece

Where are you escaping?

This summer my friends and I went to the Greek Cyclades. Milos, Sifnos, Hydra. Milos stole our hearts- I think we hoped off the boat so exhausted from a busy season that the sight of smiling faces, ocean and sunshine felt like the ultimate oasis.

Milos was the island where in 1870, in the little town of Tripiti the statue ‘Venus De Milo’ was found by a local farmer. We had one of our best meals in Tripiti, very authentic and no fuss, the best way in Greece! Next to Tripiti is Plaka the very picturesque main village with views over the island.

There is a particular spot called Sarakiniko in Milos which has these white sculptural plains- it’s other worldly. We were so captivated by it that we flew in model Mijo Mihaljcic and shot an editorial there at the end of our trip! The beauty of having a very creative set of friends! 

cyclades greece

Where did you stay? And is there something special we should know about this hotel/house?

Our accommodation was in Pollonia where there was this little bakery on the corner called ‘Kivotos’. They made watermelon pie drizzled in honey and toasted sesame seeds, and a choclolate pie and orange pie and cheese pie… pie was a loosely used term but they were all to die for! We were so smitten we left with tins of honey, olive oil and local remedies that they also made.

Firopotomos was another hot spot in Milos where the colourful fisherman shacks lick the seashore and are now accommodation for the lucky few. Perhaps the best beach though was Firiplaka and Tsigrado.

In Sifnos we stayed in Apollonia- such a chic and fun village, definitely the spot for nightlife! Kastro was a highlight here as well as Hrysopigis beach where you swim alongside a church perched on the edge of the sea. Another little swimming spot, my favourite place, was behind the church at Panaghia Poulati. There was something very spiritual about this place.

In Hydra we stayed in a little house which was so beautiful- painted white ceilings and smothered in bougainvillea’s. This island doesn’t have the same white-washed feeling that other islands in the Cyclades typically has, it is a gem unto itself and untouched by over-crowding and crazy prices. There are no vehicles or scooters so locals use donkeys for everything, including carrying washing machines.

cyclades greece

Any hidden secrets you could whisper to us? In the main town of Sifnos, Artemonas, I found an old store lost in time- the little old man watched bemused as I riffled through the dust triumphantly pulling out vintage gold- in particular a retro Delta swimsuit with stars all over it for 7 euros.

cyclades greece

Could you share an unforgettable memory about the trip? The last stop was Hydra. There had been a murder on the island only days before our arrival so it was a hot topic amongst the locals. Hydra is incredible- there is a bar that sits tucked into the cliff called ‘Hydronetta’, this was our local for ‘sundowners’ and became an afternoon religion.

cyclades greece

Is there any tip that might be useful to know before going there? My little travel tip for visiting the Cyclades is to pre-purchase your ferry tickets, they book out fast and are irregular so if you have flights to catch make sure you look into the ferry transfer first!

Next stop you would like to visit? The island of Folegandros is next on my hit list, once you start!