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Zeynep Bilgin is a married 49 years old mother of 2 young man. They are 19 and 21, both studying abroad. So she now have more free time then before… Since I was 18 years old, I had tried different carriers and worked professionally in many fields such as interviewing and writing for a woman magazine, running a decoration shop, working in advertisement and running a catering business. Six years ago I had established an online magazine named “womenist”, it was popular and fun for me. Businesswise it was successful so I recently sold it. Now I have a blog; it is my own blog called “zeynepbilgin.com“. My biggest passion is travelling and l love to explore new tastes in food, fashion, art, book, decoration, gadgets…and I write about these in my blog. I used to love adventure sports but due to a bike accident years ago I have more peaceful activities in these days.



The music and the dance is a part of their culture and their life…