A Summer in Ponza

Traveler: Cecile Togni – Creative Director & DJ

What is your most unforgettable escape? Ponza, Italy.

What was the purpose of your travel? It’s my regular summer holidays. 

With how many people did you travel? With my Italian best friend and her family. 

Where did you stay? In my best friend’s house.

What did you most like about the trip? The entire island, and it’s amazing to be close to the sea every day. 

Could you share an unforgettable memory about the trip? Every year for the birthday of the daughter of my best friend we are doing a karoké. it’s a very “home made” karaoké, with a piano and a computer with one of the most famous woman of Ponza “Madeleine”. 

We’re having so much fun. 

Your most surprising find during the trip? Every day in Ponza is a surprise. This is just the perfect holidays. 

Favorite restaurant(s) or food you have tried during your trip? “L’aragosta” is the best restaurant of Ponza with amazing gambas. 

What are the must tries of the city? Have a spritz in front of the sunset in the bar Tripoli. 

Any hidden gems you could whisper to us? I can’t tell you, it has to stay confidential. 

Would you go back? I go back every year. 

Could you list a few of your favorite finds you came back with? I always bring back tuna and anchovy. 

Any tips that might be useful to know before going there? Rent a boat. 

boat ponza

Next stop you would like to visit? I would love to discover South America.