Interview / Meet The Artists

A Visit to Dalya Anter Baruh’s Cozy Studio

We are stepping into the cozy and welcoming studio of Dalya Anter Baruh, whose exquisite ceramic pieces are featured in our Ceramic Works selection. Dalya Baruh creates unique vessel forms inspired by natural elements such as plants and landscapes, employing traditional methods such as using engobes, burnishing and terra sigillata.

Dalya Baruh polishes the clay with agate stone. 

“Hand gestures are very important. I give form to sigillata with momentaneous gestures. I create my works with this technique. Inspired by nature, I’m following the movements of the earth.”

Dalya Baruh’s workspace can be seen in the background while the artist is working.

Baruh stirs the sigillata while explaining the process of polishing the work.

The artist photographed while coloring the work: “I have my coloring brush in my hand, and the work is shining. Its colors and the way it reflects light always amazes me.”