Escape with Murat Süter

1. Hi Murat, can you tell us a little bit about yourself to begin with!  

After being the creative director of Beymen, I led the launch of shopi go in 2012. Now I am the creative director of shopi go ART.

2. Do you have a summer ritual? 

I’m really not a person of rituals. I’m just into feeling the summer and being able to dive into the Aegean Sea. I should say I love Istanbul summers as well.

3. Where is it you escape to habitually for true downtime?

It used to be Bodrum, but now I try to escape to different destinations.

4. How long have you been going there and why? 

I have an apartment in Bodrum. It was home for 4 to 5 months a year for almost 7 consecutive years. 

5. What does that place mean to you? 

I love the houses I live in, more than anywhere else.

6. What’s a new summer escape you embarked on this summer?  

I was in Kos and Patmos. And I’ll be heading to several other Greek islands in a couple of days.

7. Do you have an anecdote or unforgettable memory to share?  

Always good memories of summers…

8. What about the best to: do, see, stay, eat and drink at this particular escape? 

I love to read recommendations, but unfortunately I am not very good at sharing them!

9. Who are your favorite summer escape travel partners and why?

My very good friends whom I could call brothers and sisters. And of course my partner.

I always feel good, calm, and happy when I’m around them.

10. What’s your ultimate escape soundtrack? 

It starts with the song Koop Island Blues by Koop.

11. What about this summer’s read? 

I’ve just finished The Colony by Audrey Magee, and about to start Düz Dünyacılar by Sezgin Kaymaz whom I am a big fan of. I also love going through interior design magazines, especially Architectural Digest Spain, France and India. I’m a digital subscriber, it helps during travels.

12. And what film do you return to for the ultimate summer cinema experience? 

It’s going to sound cliche, but it’s “Call Me By Your Name” by Mr Guadagnino.

13. What does escape mean to you? 

To be able to be purely on my own. And it can only occur at home.

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