Escapes, inspirations and more with Basak Barlas of Sorbe

Başak Barlas, who graduated from Koç University Business Administration, continued on her way with her own brand Sorbe after working in the family business for 7 years after graduation.

  1. Tell us briefly about the identity and philosophy of your brand? How is it inspired and influenced by the cornerstones of the store this summer, craft, culture & creativity?

As the Sorbe brand,we aim to be timeless and the main pieces that should be in your closet. We aim to have timeless pieces that you can use for many years with good fabric, good pattern. The combination of the store with art revives the feeling of freedom in people and gives an endless direction to the design.

2. How is it tied to travel?

Seeing new places and traveling makes an endless contribution to one’s vision. Meeting different cultures actually opens a different eye in our point of view.

3. For what reasons do you travel?

First of all, we travel to buy fabric, as we source all our fabrics from Italy. From time to time we spend a good time with our friends. Sometimes we prefer places we have not been to before and enjoy exploring those regions.

4. What are some of your most unforgettable escapes that have shaped and inspired the identity of your brand?

I will definitely say Italy again, because they are very different in design. As a fabric, its patterns and qualities definitely guide us as a point of view.And make us to believe in quality. First and foremost, they love what they do, and they value what they do. Even this provides a motivating perspective for all of us.

5. Where do you search for inspiration?

In fact, I am totally searching my source of inspiration in life. Every person who has success and passion and is committed to life inspires me. As long as there is a desire to improve themselves, good results always come out in life.

6. What’s one piece from your own collection that you always bring on travels?

My 6 button double breasted jackets.

7. What about a piece that’s perfect for a holiday on the Turkish riviera?

Our shirts and shorts with linen sleeves embroidered this season.

8. What are some of your favorite escapes here at home, hidden gems in Turkey?

Our family home in Sapanca.

9. Share with us one of your favorite travel memories or anecdotes…

Sorbet, eaten at a nice dinner with my family in Dubai, inspired me with the brand name after 6 years. I think that night, the atmosphere I was in, the happiness of being with my family all combined as energy and inspired me.

10. Favorite travel film or book?

I prefer books that are easier to watch and read while traveling.

11. Where are you dreaming of escaping to next?

Italy first.

12. What does traveling mean to you?