Escapes, inspirations and more with Melis Piroglu and Raquel Alhale Rodrig of Fifth Sense

  1. Tell us briefly about the identity and philosophy of your brand? How is it inspired and influenced by the cornerstones of the store this summer, craft, culture & creativity? 

Fifth Sense is designed for women who are aware of their natural beauty. We speak to women who live the moment by appreciating what they own. Inspired by the magical ceremony that starts early in the dawn and ends with the darkness of night, Fifth Sense reminds you that the first rule of dressing up is dressing up in lingerie.

This summer we named our collection Salty Sense, to remember and appreciate the sense of the sea. While our collection is all about the sea, our pieces from Salty Sense are all named after cocktails. 

With Salty Sense, you will embark on a journey on the Mallorca beaches from a hot day to a calm summer evening. 

  1. How is it tied to travel?

No matter where you travel, Fifth Sense is always with you in your suitcase. From salty collections to classiques we come along with you everywhere. 

  1. For what reasons do you travel? 

To discover new places, to experience cultures, to be inspired and to take a breath.

  1. What are some of your most unforgettable escapes that have shaped and inspired the identity of your brand?

Lyon, the city where we experienced lingerie culture.

Milano, the city where we dream Fifth Sense to be a part of it. 

  1. Where do you search for inspiration? 

On our island escapes. Paros & Bozcaada are our favorite places. We love island life; the people, the simplicity. You don’t rush in an island; you live the moment. You enjoy your wine, take a breath and appreciate your life. 

  1. What’s one piece from your own collection that you always bring on travels?

Raquel: Jasmine

Melis: Celine 

  1. What about a piece that’s perfect for a holiday on the Turkish riviera? 

Manhattan One Piece for the beach & Juliette Bralette for summer nights.

  1. What are some of your favorite escapes here at home, hidden gems in Turkey?

Göcek boat travel, hillside fethiye, bozcaada

  1. Share with us one of your favorite travel memories or anecdotes..

Raquel: 3 girls on a boat just for 3 days with 12 bottles of wine. It was a short weekend getaway but it was the best. 

Melis: Got my wedding proposal on my favorite island, Bozcaada. This made the island even more magical. 

  1. Favorite travel film or book?

Book: Dan Millman

“The life you were born to live: A guide to finding your life purpose“

  1. Where are you dreaming of escaping to next? 

Raquel: Kohsamui Thailand

Melis: Positano

  1. What does traveling mean to you?

To take a breath. To be inspired. To experience and to fall in love.