Escapes, inspirations and more with Pelin Ilikan Aylan of PIA

Refined, eclectic, color sensitive, chic & comfy…

PIA is an individually designed fashion brand creating garments with Mediterranean soul.

Pelin Ilıkan Aylan; founder & creative director, was born and raised in the South coast of Turkey. Starts her adventure in the fashion world with buying and product management, spent 12 years prior to the launch of PIA in 2017. PIA offers individual and modern collections with a contemporary attitude, welcoming others in joining her lifetime journey with her Mediterranean roots.

PIA ‘s signature styles based on; Soulful stories, beautiful finishing, ease of fit and form, playing with colors, textures and bold prints. Socially sensitive in working with small manufacturers and local artisans with conscious Turkish fabrics… Showing delicate embroideries…Using sustainable materials. And aim to be long lasting rather than fast fashion… to be timeless… to be a lifetime collection 

  1. Tell us briefly about the identity and philosophy of your brand? How is it inspired and influenced by the cornerstones of the store this summer, craft, culture & creativity? 

PIA was founded in 2017 as a result of 12 years of passion and knowledge of fashion industry. PIA aims to redefine mediterranean way of life with dynamic, simple, chic & comfy style every season to create lifetime pieces…Collections are mainly inspired by the soul and the spirit of the Mediterranean culture, colors, art and the easy-breezy lifestyle .

2. How is it tied to travel?

Traveling is my freedom…Every escape has made a great impact on my life…Bringing together new destinations  with PIA’s philosophy creates new seasons’ stories and designs…Every collection has a story rooted to the unforgettable travel destinations.

3. For what reasons do you travel? 

The ease and leisure of traveling to new cultures and new destinations always open my mind,I develop a wider view of life and learn more of myself…

4. What are some of your most unforgettable escapes that have shaped and inspired the identity of your brand?

Best spots for inspiration are from the  Turquise coast  with beautiful sea and nature, warm afternoons, salty days  together with dreamy summer nights…

Sailing to the distant lands with a simple state of mind creates unforgetable summer escapes which always take place in the turquoise coast from Bodrum to Bozburun…

5. Where do you search for inspiration? 

I am mostly inspired by simple forms of architectural designs, nature and art…

6. What’s one piece from your own collection that you always bring on travels?

Bringing simple, feminine, comfy but a bold piece always makes me feel safe on travels …

This is a white linen Summer Jumpsuit with its relaxed and sophisticated cut ,patterned with a  unique PIA exotic print.

Best for warm afternoons on a sunkissed skin…

7. What about a piece that’s perfect for a holiday on the Turkish riviera? 

When I start to design a piece I always dream of where and when to be dressed… Try to make a story for the piece…  Dreaming of Turkish Riviera warm evenings, I designed black Tete Dress with  playfull tie-up sleeves  with a feminine touch of open back. This dress perfectly matches with this dreamy riviera…

8. What are some of your favorite escapes here at home, hidden gems in Turkey?

Inspired by childhood days spent in the coast of Turkey , I love to travel to the hidden escapes for lazy days by the sea. I love cruising to Patara ,Kekova, Kale and Knidos…

9. Share with us one of your favorite travel memories or anecdotes..

There are many trips that can be my favorite but one trip stands out from the rest, and this was my trip to Sintra near Lisbon. This place was an exceptional mixture of nature and architecture…

And the most amazing part of Sintra was the mysterious garden with a  dark spiral staircase that descended into the earth but opened up to the sky and this magical place was called Quinta da Regaleira.

It was a rainy and foggy day, we were traveling on a Vespa and this mysterious place was hidden behind the fog on the hills of Sintra… I felt like I am in a story book… I fell in love with this strange creature in the deep of nature…

10. Favorite travel film or book?

Before Sunrise

11. Where are you dreaming of escaping to next? 

We love cruising to Hisaronu Bay which has an amazing turquoise sea and beatifull view … Together with Turkish cuisine and cheerful chat with friends and family….

12. What does traveling mean to you?

Traveling to both near and far, it is a new journey to myself, to new cultures, new perspectives, new inspirations and new design ideas for me…Each unique piece of PIA is designed to tell a story of these journeys to people of its own world of colors, textures, prints and more….