İpek Kocatepe Dumani

İpek Kocatepe Dumani | Founder of Bago Handicrafts

Bago, meaning “spirit of forest” in Far Eastern mythology, is an authenic fashion accessories label founded in 2015 that supports sustainable fashion.

Bago is founded by İpek Kocatepe Dumani, on the idea of bridging different cultures through the creation of accessories that are made with a unique mix of exotic natural materials and indigenous crafts, with each bag telling the stories of different cultures.

Every Bago purchase supports and empowers artisan women’s collectives in the Philippines, Brazil, Morocco and Turkey.

The bags are made with 100% natural materials, such as palm tree leaves, banana tree leaves, pineapple leaves and mother-of-pearl. Only natural and non-chemical dyes are used in the coloring processes.

Gemstones used on the bags are genuine turquoise, coral, amethyst, obsidian, agate, variscite, quartz, lapis, jade, onyx and pearl.