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Teppei Yamashita

Teppei Yamashita was born and raised in Imari, Japan, world-renowned for its ceramics and porcelains. In 2006, he graduated from Arita College of Ceramics, an outstanding institution of traditional Japanese porcelain and ceramic education. He specialized in the reinterpretation of traditional wares for everyday usage. After participating in two group exhibitions in Japan, Yamashita moved to Turkey. He held his first solo exhibition in Istanbul, titled ”Flower Birds”. This exhibition was selected as the primary ceramic art exhibit of ”Japan Year 2010 in Turkey”. In 2012, he held his second solo exhibition in New York, USA, titled ”Crossover”. He participated in group exhibitions in Turkey, Japan, USA and Italy.

In his work, Yamashita seizes the connection between the traditional and the modern. He interprets the traditional motifs of both his home country of Japan and his residence country of Turkey, with original figures and contemporary, innovative forms. With his 3. solo exhibition “Hidden Traces of Istanbul” Yamashita ended his twelve years of work in Istanbul and continues to create his art in Bodrum.