The Elegance of Capri

Traveler: Demet Muftuoglu Eseli – Co-Founder of ISTANBUL’74 & Creative Director 

I took this picture of my husband during our vacation to Capri this summer. What makes this image special for me is that irresistible charm of Capri back in the fifties that is still intact in the picture. That’s actually what this specific photo, and our Capri vacation, mean to me.

alphan eşeli

Time stops, and cherished memories linger on forever.

Capri is where we join our very dear friends each summer, and where we spend most of the days at the beach at La Fontelina (where this picture was shot) and enjoy lunch at its amazing restaurant. For the evening time, we enjoy the Campari orange at the Piazza, which is the meeting point…and our nights usually continue to a marvelous dinner at a restaurant such as da Paolino.

I can’t wait for next summer…