Escape with Cassi Namoda

1. Do you have a summer ritual? 

My summer ritual is mainly to spend time painting, swimming, going to the farm and then I usually take a month off to visit somewhere like Europe and enjoy a different landscape with a few friends.

2. Where is it you escape to habitually for true downtime? How long have you been going there and why?

Sintra, Portugal in the summer is very special to me. I always stay at the Lawrence Hotel which is the oldest hotel in the Iberian peninsula. It’s surrounded by beautiful flora and I go hiking every day to different castles up in the mountains. 

3. What does that place mean to you?

Its enchanting to put it simply 

4. What’s a new summer escape you embarked on this summer? 

Puglia was a complete wonder. 

5. Do you have an anecdote or unforgettable memory to share? 

The landscape of Saturnia really moved me – waking up to my morning prayer and hearing the birds was so special. Experiencing the thermal baths was so sublime.

6. What about the best to: do, see, stay, eat and drink at this particular escape? 

Spend the whole day at the thermal baths, go to the local one for people watching.

7. Who are your favorite summer escape travel partners and why?

My family members always and my dear friends. 

8. What’s your ultimate escape soundtrack? 

Recently Berber, amazing music.

9. What about this summer’s read? 

I traveled with the Quran.

10. And what film do you return to for the ultimate summer cinema experience? 

None, to be honest 

11. What does escape mean to you?

Taking time to be present away from daily tasks.

12. Where are you hoping to head next?

Mauritania and Niger are my two dream trips.

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