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Celeriac with Tarhana and Horseradish Kefir

Root vegetables are widely used in Turkish cuisine. Dishes made from root vegetables are usually consumed as cold dishes prepared with olive oil or as hot dishes cooked in a pot. Celery is a very special vegetable with a unique essence. That’s why we developed a different cooking method after about 2 months of R&D work in order to reveal its taste in the best way possible.


For baby celeriac

  • 70gr baby celeriac
  • 20gr butter
  • Sea salt

For celeriac glaze

  • 1000g celeriac trim
  • 3000g water
  • 10g seaweed

For celeriac tarhana

  • 680g celeriac
  • 350g AP flour
  • 460g bulgur koji
  • 500g hung yogurt
  • 100g iodized salt

For celeriac tarhana cream

  • 40g butter
  • 10g grated garlic
  • 80 gr celeriac tarhana powder
  • 450 gr chicken stock
  • 40 gr burnt butter

For horseradish kefir

  • 250g kefir cream
  • 25g fresh horseradish
  • 1g vinegar salt


Preparing celeriac tarhana powder

  1. Grate the celeriac
  2. Mix everything in a large sanitized large bowl very well
  3. Transfer the mix into a fermentation chamber without a lid
  4. Ferment it for 5 days with 80% of humidity, at 85°C – check the mixture daily
  5. After completing the fermentation process, spread the celeriac tarhana into a flat plate.
  6. Dehydrate it for 24 hours at 45°C
  7. After dehydrating the tarhana, blend it into a powder form

Preparing baby celeriac

  1. Peal baby celeriac until it weights 70 gr
  2. Transfer baby celeriac into a vacuum pack with 20 gr of butter and pinch of salt
  3. Cook in a thermal circulator at 85°C for 30 mins
  4. Keep the trim of the celeriac for the celeriac glaze

Preparing celeriac glaze

  1. Mix celeriac trims with drinking water and seaweed
  2. Steam in a vacuum bag for 10 hours at 90°C
  3. Transfer it into a pot
  4. Reduce 80% of it by simmering

Preparing celeriac tarhana cream

  1. Saute celeriac tarhana with butter and grated garlic in a pan
  2. Add chicken stock and burnt butter, simmer it for 20 mins
  3. After that, blend it with a hand blender

Preparing horseradish kefir

  1. Mix kefir, horseradish, and vinegar salt in a bowl


  1. Saute precooked baby celeriac in a pan with butter until they are brown and glaze them with celeriac glaze.
  2. Place celeriac tarhana first on a plate
  3. Put the preprepared baby celeriac on it
  4. Put horseradish kefir as a sauce
  5. Garnish with sorrel and a piece of butter fried walnut
About Author

Born in 1985, Fatih Tutak, chef and owner of TURK Fatih Tutak, went to Bolu Mengen Culinary School for professional education and did his apprenticeship under French chef Paul Pairet in Turkey.