Escapes, inspirations and more with Ceylan Atınç

1. What was your latest or most special escape?

Our latest escape was in Assos, where we are building a new life. Me and my husband really like the Northern Aegean, especially the shores of Ida mountains.  We are celebrating our wedding anniversaries at the first week of September at Assos. This was our third time in Assos, we love it more and more as the years go by.  It is also special for us as it is our first holiday destination together.

2. What was the purpose of your travels?

One of my life goals is to travel. So it is not a purpose, it is an aim. I am good at finding purposes to travel. The latest one as I mentioned before was for our anniversary.  I travel a lot for work, fashion weeks, campaigns, and cover shootings. Traveling for work is also inspiring for me; I love to find little local inspirations for my styling skills while traveling.  Planning part is one of my favorite though. I like booking the flights,searching for interesting places to stay and discovering local tastes to eat. I feel alive when I travel. 

3. Who did you travel with?

With my husband Berk. 

4. What places did you visit during this escape?

We’re not the type to rest on vacation. We like to hang around see around.. so We traveled from village to village. We sailed in different bays, explored some fields and lakes.

5. What is an anecdote or unforgettable memory from this trip?

We witnessed the most beautiful sunset of my life in a place we discovered by chance.

6. Favorite restaurant(s) or culinary experiences?

Yengeç Restaurant, Manici Çiftlik and Pizza Mera must be experienced. 

7. Any hidden gems you could whisper to us?

Avlu124 coffee bar at Kayalar Village for a good latte and banana bread. 

8. What not to miss?

Sunset at Simurg Inn

9. What’s one of your favorite travel films or books?

Eat Pray Love as a book. 

Before Midnight i can say as a Paris lover 

10. And your favorite travel soundtrack? 

I love to listen cesaria evora on the road and especially in the mornings on holiday. 

11. What does escape mean to you?

Escape is a new adventure. And for me; it is the meaning of life.

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