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Pascal Aussignac

Having had the pleasure to work with Pascal Aussignac was one of the greatest experiences of my career. I am so honored to be speaking with chef Pascal. He is one of the most innovative & dynamic chefs in London. Pascal has proclaimed his desire to be a chef at the age of 9. His gastronomic pursuits led him to study under Gerard Vie and Alain Dutournier. Born in Toulouse and raised in La Rochelle, he developed an appreciation for French cuisine. He counts among his many accomplishments Michelin-starred Club Gascon, which has held its star for the last twenty years. Pascal Aussignac is co-owner of the Gascon Connection group, which boasts an impressive roster including Le Bar, Comptoir Gascon, and Cigalon and Baranis among others. At every turn of his accomplished career,  Pascal who takes the rich, bold and flavourful specialities of Gascony – foie gras, blood sausage, prunes, Armagnac – and reimagines country cooking into dishes that are interesting and exquisite.

And Today, I am so honored to welcome my friend Chef Pascal to this edition of Breaking Bread!

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Born in Russia and raised in NYC, I moved to Paris to pursue my gastronomic dreams as well as to meet the city’s most renowned chefs.