Food Culture

About Breaking Bread with Vera Loulou

‘Food is a form of art that truly nourishes you’ | Vera Loulou

Food is a vital part of culture and a powerful connector that unites people from different
parts of the world and generations. Passed down from one generation to the next, a
country’s unique cuisine tells us so much about its people, history, lifestyle, traditions and

While always evolving, food keeps our ties to our roots strong and our intercultural
connection consistent. It holds the power to transport us to a childhood memory, or an
unforgettable travel to a foreign country, without even leaving the table.

Our intimate relationship with food and the sensory experience of a mealtime has been on our focus lately. With the global pandemic forcing us into social isolation, the joys of cooking and eating have taken on a greater significance in our lives with many of us experimenting in our kitchens.

In these series, we will explore food as an expression of cultural identity and our portal into
the world. With talented chefs and experts from all over the globe, Chef Vera Loulou will
take us on a culinary journey across different cultures, and discuss everything about food
culture from the familiar flavors and favorite comfort food recipes, to strangest delicacies
and rarest ingredients, as well as organic production and sustainable farming.

Join us on this gastronomic conversation and let’s break bread together!