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For airampo dyed paiche

  • 500 gr paiche fillet (Arapaima gigas)
  • 500 gr Airampo extract  (Opuntia soehrensis) 
  • 1 kg salt
  • 1 kg raw cane sugar

For copoazu cream

  • 200 gr copoazu (Theobroma grandiflorum) pulp
  • 170 gr whole cream
  • 50 gr raw cane sugar
  • 2 sheets of gelatin
  • 2 Siphon charges

For yuca and achiote crisp

  • 60 gr tapioca starch
  • 700 gr vegetable stock
  • 40 gr achiote seeds
  • 50 gr Huito pulp 

For shaved bahuaja nut

  • 20 units of bahuaja nut


Preparing airampo dyed paiche

  1. Filet the paiche with no skin or any blood lines and cure in a mixture of 50/50 salt and raw cane sugar for 3 hours
  2. Take out from the dry cure and rinse with cold water.
  3. Put the paiche loin into the airampo extract and leave for 1 hour till the airampo penetrates the outside of the paiche fillet.

Preparing copoazu cream

  1. Cook the copoazu pulp with the sugar for 10 min till it is dissolved.
  2. Let it chill and mix with the heavy cream and blend till the fiber of the copoazu is broken.
  3. Pass through a strainer and heat the mixture again till it reaches 70 degrees add the dissolved gelatin and incorporate well.
  4. Get the mixture into the siphon and add the 2 charges, let it chill.

Preparing yuca and achiote crisp

  1. Heat the vegetable stock and add the achiote seeds and let it infuse and dye red.
  2. Let this broth chill and add the tapioca starch, |

Preparing shaved bahuaja nut

  1. With a thick microplane shave and reserve in cold.


  1. On the bottom of the dish, place in the middle copoazu cream.
  2. Cover with the yuca and achiote crisp.
  3. Place on top of the crisp the ayrampo dyed paiche achieving volume.
  4. Place shaved bahuaja in 5 different specific blank spots
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Born in Lima, Peru, chef Virgilio Martinez celebrates his culture as one of the best Peruvian chefs in the world.