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Rhubarb Carbonara


  • a lot of rhubarb
  • pecorino skin
  • black pepper
  • egg yolks
  • a bit of honey
  • guanciale or pancetta fat


  1. Cook the skins of pecorino in boiling water. Pour salt and sugar over the “rhubarb spaghetti” and let it soften in the fridge.
  2. Mix a rhubarb puree in low heat. In a pan, fry Rhubarb bits in guanciale fat, with black pepper, similar to the guanciale of carbonara.
  3. Wash the “rhubarb spaghetti”. Cook it for 30s in boiling pecorino water, dry it and add to the puree.
  4. Use the eggs to give texture and honey to balance the taste.
  5. Serve as spaghetti and place rhubarb bits over it.
About Author

He curated the “Museu do Pão” (Bread Museum) in addition to several curatorial works for art exhibitions. In recent years he has been dedicated to the study of cultural relations between gastronomy and history.