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Bruno Verjus

Bruno Verjus is a chef, poet and philosopher. Bruno is chef and owner of Michelin-starred “Table by Bruno Verjus” in Paris. Self-proclaimed wild child, who grew in the nature near Lyon, from an early age was bathed in the wilderness. At the age of 8, he cultivated his family garden and foraged forests and rivers in search of herbs, mushrooms, and fish. His interests are far and wide from fascination with medicine to literature to food writing for Le Fooding, Omnivore, au Quotidien.

Having had the pleasure to eat at his restaurant, I can testify that Bruno’s philosophy is to not order specific products from the producer but rather let the producer ensure the best product at the best time.

About Author

Born in Russia and raised in NYC, I moved to Paris to pursue my gastronomic dreams as well as to meet the city’s most renowned chefs.